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Our Story

The main goal of our brand to bring happiness and to our wearers while supporting those with the aspirations to change the world for the better while becoming the version of themselves they've always dreamt about.
Our handmade lucky knot-bracelets are carefully crafted and infused with good luck and intentions for the wearer! Our bracelets are based on the original handmade bracelets by Tibetan Buddhist Monks while reciting the mantra!
Our bracelets are perfect for those who are seeking happiness and joy in their day-to-day life or just need a reminder that they have a purpose here on earth and to make the most of it! We only have one life!
Due to high demand, our processing and creation time takes between 2-5 business days and shipping takes roughly 10-15 business days depending on location. 
They're products of good intentions and luck which happen when worn regularly, resulting in simply beautiful knotted bracelets that are full of luck for you to enjoy.