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Find Your Fit

Stability - Be who you always dreamed to be.
Devotion - Stay committed and make your dreams a reality.
Growth - Better yourself every day.
Balance - Find balance in your commitments of life.
Integrity - Be true to yourself and strong enough to face the road ahead.
Wealth - Keyway to a life of success
Courage - Be who YOU want to be 
Ambition - Spark that fire within you.
Peace - Stay humble on your journey through life.
Happiness - every day, always find a sense of joy.
Purity - Stay true and resilient.
Patience - Approach your day with the serenity to accomplish any task.

Safety - Life takes a toll on you, don't let it ruin you.
Kindness - Everyone deserves to be treated right.
Independent - Seek your inner self.
Driven -Put your head down and work towards your dreams.
Confidence - Mental and physical confidence to face life's challenges.
Focus - Stay on task and get more accomplished.
Unity - Together we are all one, piece by piece.
Energy - Infused with vitality.
Positivity - For when life brings you down.
Luck - An extra sense of relief. 
Light - Light for the path you follow.